Dwayne by Vikki Ebbeling

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Introducing to you an amazing opportunity to own one of Vikki Ebbeling's sculpts in vinyl. As most know Vikki is an amazing silicone doll artist. And her work is admired by some of the worlds most finest doll collectors. After much encouragement from her fan base to create a doll in vinyl for the Reborn community Vikki produced Dwayne. He is a potraite sculpt of baby dear to Vikki.

He is approx 22" in length depending on body choice.

Full vinyl legs and arms

And a super small edition size of just 200 world wide along with Certificate of Authentication.

Just 1 Left!!!!

FREE POSTAGE within Australia

A Cloth body is available as an additional purchase on our website, Ref; 22" Full Limb cloth body ~ Regular fit.


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