42g Euro Needles (Barb)

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42g Euro Needles (Barb)

Pack of 10 European designed 42 gauge barbed needles.

These needles are a little different to your common barbed needle. Though the working part is of triangular shape (3 sides/2 barbs per side). It is the placement of the barbs which make this needle unique.

This needle has been designed to give the artist better durability and longevity of use for the artist.

The barbs have been placed higher up the shaft with equal spacing. This gives the artist better control over the needle and better selection of options. ie; The first barb is placed far enough up the shaft to pierce through the vinyl insuring the hair has been fully implanted. The further you push the needle through the vinyl the more barbs you have access to, giving the artist control over how much or less hair they wish to implant( choice of using 1 barb or the full 6).

This particularly comes in handy when challenged by a kit who's vinyl alternates which affects rooting consistency.

If you are a 1 -2 barb artist, this needle will also provide you longer life as the barbs wear down with use, you have the back up of 4 barbs to keep you going. Also safe to use on human hair and will not shred the hair like other barbed needles.

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